The 5th Global New Materials Competition China•Ningbo Berlin Division has fully come  to an end

On June. 27, 2018, the 5th Global New Materials Competition  China·Ningbo Berlin subdivision contest was held successfully, 12 innovative technological projects from new materials field across Europe were on the scene in the intense and exciting competition. In the end, five projects stood out and successfully advanced to the semi-finals in mid-to-late September in Ningbo.

The Berlin division was jointly sponsored by the Organization Department of the Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (the Municipal Party Committee) and the Ningbo National High-tech Zone (New Materials Science and Technology City) Management Committee, and was hosted by Zhejiang Saichuang Future Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd, co-organized by Rexi Business Services GmbH.

The competition was held on time at 13:30, Berlin time,  deputy director of the Ningbo High-tech Zone (New materials science and technology city) management committee Mr. Wang Hong Ping, Kong Zhiping, secretary of the party committee of Meixu Sub-district office of Ningbo National High-tech district, and Ningbo national high-tech district construction bureau director Xuke, the director of Ningbo R&D park management department, Lai Hongmin attended the roadshow.

First of all, the general manager of Ningbo Science and Technology Development  Co., Ltd. entrepreneurship limited liability company, Wu Jun delivered the opening speech, he emphasised the cooperation prospects of Germany and China in the field of industrial innovation and the significance of building the communication platform for talent exchange.

Afterwards, Liao Yan, executive director of Zhejiang Saichuang Future Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd introduced the preferential policies of Ningbo Hi-tech district’s industry landing and talent introduction, and the future development strategy of Saichuang to build a global entrepreneurial eco-chain system.

After the moderator announced the rules of competition, the 12 innovative entrepreneurial teams performed a wonderful road show. The contestants from Germany, Switzerland, Italy and various European countries, studied at famous European universities and research institutions, such as Technical University of Berlin, Technical University Munich, RWTH Aachen University, and the Fraunhofer Institute. The projects covered the automotive, bridge, architecture, medical, Internet and other industries, fully embodied the global leading position of R&D technology in the German manufacturing sector, and also highlighted the robust nature of the new European materials creation and commitment to innovation.

This year’s new materials competition also invited renowned specialists and investors in Germany as judges. After every round of performance, the specialist judges gave exciting professional commentaries on the road show project of the contestants. From the perspectives of roadshow preparation, technical application, marketing operation and demand positioning, the experts pointed out many shortcomings, put forward valuable suggestions for improvements.

After the last project of the roadshow, general manager of Rexi Business Service GmbH, Wang Wenhai gave a guest speech. He first thanked the organisers for their authorisation and trust, and thanked the innovative teams for their selfless sharing. He expressed the wish to join hands with Zhejiang Saichuang Future Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd, to deepen the transformation of the innovative technologies in Chinese-German enterprises and to build a platform for overseas high level talent exchange.

Promotion project list:

Industrialisation of integrated AFS aluminium foam sandwich  

New tension member – lightweight high strength CFRP cable

Financial analysis platform based on big data and artificial intelligence

Building (film, glass) photovoltaic integrated power generation

Low-power macro zone  IoT large data operations

The above five projects will participate in the semi-finals of the Global Materials Industry Competition held in Ningbo in mid-to-late September. In the warm applause, the China-Ningbo Global New Materials Industry Competition Berlin Station was successfully concluded.

We believe that the exchanges between China and Germany in the field of innovation will become closer and closer, and the strong alliance between Rexi Business service GmbH and Zhejiang Saichuang will jointly write a new chapter of Chinese-German innovation industry and talent exchange.

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