Overseas Education

As entrusted by the Chinese-German Cultural Foundation (Berlin), REXI undertakes its educational exchange programs between China and Germany for students in middle-schools, colleges/universities and vocational educational institutions to study abroad, or find internship opportunities in each other’s country.

Our senior certified German and Chinese language teachers can provide language training for Chinese students coming to study in high schools or pre-schools for universities/colleges in Germany, or German students who would like to study in China. We also help Chinese students to prepare for APS interviews.

On top of that, to prepare students for overseas studies, REXI provides multi-thematic educational tours for families, students and young people to China and Germany. These tours are tailor-made for understanding the culture, business, technology development and other aspects that are important for future studies in the other country.


   I.  Chinese and German Language Training

  1. German language training for junior- and senior high-school Chinese students, pre-school students and vocational training students;
  2. APS interviews preparational training (for studying in German colleges/universities)
  3. Chinese language training for German students aiming at studying in China;


   II.  Higher Education in Germany

   We bring Chinese students to

  1. participate in one year’s exchange program in German high schools;
  2. study in German private schools for 3 years’ study for preparation of entering German universities/colleges;
  3. study in pre-schools in Germany to pass the preparatory test and acquire preferential admission opportunities from German universities/colleges.


 III. Vocational Training in Germany

  1. Assist Chinese students with application to German vocational training institutions
  2. Assist German vocational training institutions with recruiting students and applicants screening
  3. Assist Chinese vocational training professionals to receive professional trainings in Germany
  4. Assist Chinese applicants with the German visa application procedures
  5. Provide orientation for Chinese students in Germany


 IV. Overseas Internship in China and Germany

   We help Chinese and German universities/colleges to implement intern exchange program.


 V. Study Tour for Families and Students in China and Germany

  1. Multi-thematic family trips
  2. Multi-thematic summer- and winter-camps for students and young people
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