Stiftung Deutsche und Chinesische Kultur Migrant Birds Space Art Foundation invited by  Landshut’s private collector 

Rexi Bus News 27. 08.2018

Stiftung Deutsche und Chinesische Kultur Migrant Birds Space Art Foundation is in preparation, in the morning on August 21 st, Mr Wang Haiwen and Ms Xie Leyin from Stiftung Deutsche und Chinesische Kultur, Ms Lumei from Migrant Birds Space Art Foundation, and the former secretary of state in the ministry of Finance, Mr Hegewin were invited to visit the private collector Mr Eller in Landshut, Southern Germany.  Ms Lumei has many years of experiences in the international art trade and has a high percipient of Chinese ancient artworks.

Mr Eller showed part of the collections from him and his friends, they had a keen interest in Chinese culture. In the process of appreciating art collections, they have learned from Ms Lumei about the craftsmanship of Chinese porcelain, the characteristics of the dynasties as well as the traditional elements of Chinese murals and the techniques of painting.

Together, they enjoyThe other precious collections from Mr. Eller, including famous and rare red wine, such as Chateau Mouton Rothschild from 1924 and other contemporary artworks.

During the exchange, both sides had deepened the understanding of each other’s culture and realised that there is a big room for development between China and Europe, whether it is an antique or a collection of contemporary art. At last, everyone expressed the hope of having more opportunities in the future to exchange and study knowledge and experience in the field of Chinese European antiques and art collection.

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