Experiencing Germany summer camp, teaching through lively activities, learning everyday something new 

Summer Camp Report

On 2018, July. 1st, “Edutainment-2018 Germany Summer Camp” organised by Stiftung Deutsche und Chinesische Kultur and Rexi Business Service GmbH, undertaken by Rexi Business Service GmbH and Shanghai Dormer Consultancy successfully started in Berlin.

This time, the summer camp is held in accordance with the concept of “edutainment”, through the activities of visiting German historical cultural sights, museums, research institution and farms, such a method allows the children to learn about German history, have close experience with German science knowledges, change the consistent learning thoughts, inspire their innate curiosity and learning ability. At the same time, the trip also arranges activities such as wandering in the forest and hiking in country park, with the hope that the children can release their nature by having close contact with the nature, break away from the dependency on 3C products( computers, mobile phones and electronic products), cultivate their sensation and enrich their life experiences.

 close contact with nature in Großer Tiergarten(Berlin)’s natural oxygen bar

On July.2, Stiftung Deutsche und Chinesische Kultur president Mr. Wang Wenhai attends the opening ceremony of the summer camp, talks friendly with the children and wishes them a good time playing and learning in Germany.

President Mr.Wang Wenhai cordially shakes hands and talks with the children.

Two days thereafter,  the overseas study consultant from Aufbau Akademie Berlin accompanied the children the whole trip, explained to them about the history of the sights, and explained profound theories in simple language about the education system in Germany, patiently explained to children about their worries and questions regarding studying in Germany. Children were active in raising questions, in the warm atmosphere, some of the children have shown strong wish in learning German and studying in Germany.

Historical religious conference in  Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church 

In the one week, the children visited Bundestag, Brandenburger Gate, Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church and more important sights, gave the children an initial understanding of the national conditions in Germany. In Humboldt university, they were surprised by the solemn academic atmosphere, scrambled for the opportunity to take photos with the Nobel price winner. In the art space, the children learned about the street graffiti culture in Berlin, they have also made their own works on the walls; the curious and strange intelligence equipment in the spy museum brought children back to the cold war period full of spy activities; in the science museum, through touching, dissevering and experiencing with interactive exhibits and practical courses, the children’s enthusiasm of exploring science was greatly inspired.

painting Graffiti, unfolding the wings of imagination

We believe that the journey has left an unforgettable impression on the children, the study tour continues, with more excitements, please follow our subsequent report.

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