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Summer Camp Report

The following overseas study tour is another week of excitement!

The Tempelhof airport was once the bridge in the sky, after construction, it became Berliner’s favourite open-air park. Skateboarding, kites, guitar performances, it has it all. At the barbecue party organised by Stiftung Deutsche und Chinesische Kultur, children from the two countries were working by themselves, acting like little adults. Their barbecue skills were also quite impressive!

Children and Germans together in joyful harmony, sometimes for cross-cultural exchange, a barbecue is all it needs. 

Afterwards, at the family-owned farm, children learned about butter production and got to weave the wools by themselves. “No practice, no gain in one’s wit.”It seems that the out-dated craftsmanship and techniques in the industrial time, only when practising, will the children learn its essence. The teacher told them, the theory of industrial production nowadays originated from the handicraft of craft men.  The achievements of Germany in the production industry is based on the fine foundations of handcrafted ability and diligent experiences.

 Learning how to weave wools, experience the truth of how doing by yourself will help you to produce ample food and clothing 

The following overseas study tour entered the picture-like “little Switzerland” Bastei Mountain. The children in the health resort drove Go-Kart, in Dresden they have deeply experienced the rebirth of a city that was completely destroyed in the war, in VW transparent factory they had close contact with the production line and top high technology. Thereafter at “white gold” small city Meissen, the children visited the fine porcelain of Saxon royal style, tasted a lunch with western table manner, enjoyed themselves to the full of a royal experience.

Go-Kat and its little observer 

using royal tableware, learning about royal western table manner 

Returning to Berlin, in the splendid Sanssouci Palace, the children performed their self-written scripts. The scripts are based on the sudden events that occurred during the summer camp, exhibiting the understanding the children have about Germany and their bold imagination, their performances let the audience burst into waves of laughter and express admiration by thumping the table.

With the hotpot sauces from their hometown and various types of organic food, in happy laughter and cheerful voices, the summer camp came to an end. Ms Zheng Huishu, general manager of Rexi Business Service GmbH presented the gifts to the children.

Ms Zheng Huishu from Rexi Business Service GmbH presented the gifts to the children 

Before departure, we wish the children a safe trip home, we hope that they will bring what they have learned and seen into their daily studies and lives, and we look forward to the next work presented by Shanghai Dormer Consultancy and Stiftung Deutsche und Chinesische Kultur.

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