MUT | German Entrepreneur Conference, Chinese-German Enterprise Precision Cooperation Platform

Germany’s largest and most important 13th SMEs Conference (MUT) will be held on October 19th, 2017 i[……]

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Startups, Welcome to Build Your Success with China!

Are you an ambitious startup founder in Germany? Are you interested in entering the world’s top mark[……]

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Hebei Safety Supervision Bureau inspected the German labor safety system, and Rexi Business Services GmbH  jointly customised course

On September 12th, the delegation of Hebei Safety Supervision Bureau, Theo Steil GmbH, a waste metal[……]

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“Amphibious” new Chinese immigrants open up German space

2017-07-20 Rexi Business Service GmbH

Mr. Y started his career in Shandong, starting from the renta[……]

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Director of Stiftung Deutsche und Chinesische Kultur Wang Haiwen: China Manufacturing 2025 needs to study the systemised thinking from Germany


This week the G20 Summit held in Hamburg welcomed leaders from all over the world, China w[……]

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Interview with Cao Yu, a German foreign trade and investment official: investing in Germany also means occupying a highland of overseas markets.

Since 2011, the number of Chinese companies’ M&A projects in Germany has increased significantly[……]

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