Business Service

I. Planning & Implementing Corporates’ Overseas Development

With decades of experience in Sino-German business, trade and cultural exchanges, our team have developed profound understanding of the two countries’ vastly different culture, legal systems and business environments.

We care for our clients’ specific needs and co-develop with them the most suitable business plan for their interest, maximizing their opportunities and resources while avoiding detours and pitfalls in the “new territory”. Our professional local team in Germany and China will also assist our clients with every step of the implementation of the plan.

Planning Process:

  1. Marketing Research
  2. Brach Office/Agency Establishment Feasibility Studies
  3. Product Certification/Trademark Research
  4. Marketing and Promotion Planning
  5. Sales Planning

Implementing Process:

  1. Due Diligence
  2. Establishment of Branch Office/Agency
  3. Product Certification/Trademark Registration
  4. Marketing and Promotions (media & expo included)
  5. Sales Plan Carryout


II. Legal Service, Taxation, Translation

Our experienced team and partners will provide you with the most professional services with reasonable price. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Financial service: preparing voucher, checking, book keeping, preparing financial forms, creating monthly financial statements;
  2. Tax Declaration/Year-End Report: providing corporate year-end report; declaring taxation to the Bureau of Finance; declaring all kinds of taxes;
  3. Accounting Service: employee salary, tax accounting, payroll statement, all kinds of insurance statement;
  4. Legal Service: providing professional legal consultancy on business laws and regulations, labor contract, and contract law, etc.;
  5. Translation: providing high-level professional translation by certified professional translators.
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