Assist a German Enterprise enter the Chinese Markt

China has been Germany’s most important trading partner for five consecutive years, and both countries have benefited greatly from stable cooperation. In the post-Corona era, even closer economic cooperation and more frequent trade between the two countries are required.

More and more entrepreneurs from Germany and China are interested in entering each other’s markets. Among them, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are playing an increasingly important role in the bilateral economic exchange.

SMEs are Germany’s economic and employment engine. It is the driving force behind innovations and a strong partner for large companies worldwide: The vast majority of SMEs are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). More than 99 percent of all companies in Germany are SMEs, they account for more than half of all jobs and generate more than one in two euros. According to the common definition, all companies in Germany with up to 500 employees and annual sales of less than 50 million euros are SMEs.

HyWeCo GmbH, a medium-sized company, was founded in 2016 and in a short time has become Europe’s leading manufacturer of cosmetic cloth masks for a wide variety of applications. Since its establishment, HyWeCo GmbH has been trying to enter the Chinese market with its new researched products.

REXI is HyWeCo’s exclusive cooperation partner in China and assist the enterprise to enter the Chinese markt through our outstanding services. This company has developed masks and other serial products that particular suit Chinese customers’ skin and needs. Currently, the company is looking to a distributor in China. If you have interest or enquires, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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